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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Welcome to Mammals' Planet

Amateur or Specialist, Mammals'Planet offers several thematic access to discover the mammals on the planet.

CAUTION : This website is made from an individual ; documents, photos, drawings are used in an informational and educational. They may in no case be exploited for commercial purposes

At the discovery of Mammals

More than 6,000 species and almost 10,000 subspecies
Information on the classification, status, the distribution on the planet ...
Tools to locate or identify species
22,200 photos or drawings representing some 9,500 species and subspecies

Classification of Mammals

A summary of taxonomies since Linné;
40,000 taxa classifications
Species being revision
The number of known species
Mammals are classified in 27 to 29 orders, 145 families, 1278 genus, ...
Research specialists passionate
862  species discoveries since 2000

The mammals on the planet

Distribution mammals on the planet
Visualization in 20 geographical areas
Each zone distinguishes species in 9 groups

Mammals threatened

The Endangered Species
25% of species are subject to protection
Damage man on the environment
550 species have disappeared of the world these last 500 years

Good to Know
References used for Planet'Mammals
Reference sources (books, photos and web sites)
Updates Planet'Mammals
Datation amended pages

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