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Wednesday 18 January 2017

Classification of Mammals : Taxonomy table

AFROSORICIDEA [2 suborder]
SIRENIA [0 suborder]
PROBOSCIDEA [0 suborder]
TUBULIDENTATA [0 suborder]
HYRACOIDEA [0 suborder]
ORDER : Macroscelidea
FAMILY : Macroscelididae
SUBFAMILY : Macroscelidinae
GENUS : Petrodromus - Peters, 1846
SPECIES Petrodromus tetradactylus Peters, 1846
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus beirae Roberts, 1913
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus matschiei Neumann, 1900
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus mossambicus Thomas, 1918
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus nigriseta Neumann, 1900
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus occidentalis Roberts, 1913
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus robustus Roberts, 1913
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus rovumae Thomas, 1897
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus sangi Heller, 1912
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus schwanni Thomas & Wroughton, 1907
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus sultani (Thomas, 1897)
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus swynnertoni Thomas, 1918
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus tetradactylus Peters, 1846
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus tordayi Thomas, 1910
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus tumbanus Kershaw, 1923
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus venustus Thomas, 1903
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus warreni Thomas, 1918
SUBSPECIES   Petrodromus tetradactylus zanzibaricus Corbett & Neal, 1965
GENUS : Macroscelides - A. Smith, 1829
SPECIES Macroscelides micus Dumbacher & Rathbun, 2014
SPECIES Macroscelides proboscideus (Shaw, 1800)
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus ausensis Roberts, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus brandvleiensis Roberts, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus calviniensis Roberts, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus chiversi Roberts, 1933
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus flavicaudatus Lundholm, 1955
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus harei Roberts, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus hewitti Roberts, 1929
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus isabellinus Shortridge and Carter, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus jaculus Liechtenstein, 1831
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus langi Roberts, 1933
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus melanotis Ogilby, 1838
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus proboscideus (Shaw, 1800)
SUBSPECIES   Macroscelides proboscideus typus Smith, 1829
SUBFAMILY : Rhynchocinae
GENUS : Rhynchocyon - Peters, 1847
SPECIES Rhynchocyon chrysopygus Günther, 1881
SPECIES Rhynchocyon cirnei Peters, 1847
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei cirnei Peters, 1847
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei claudi Thomas & Wroughton, 1907
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei hendersoni Thomas, 1902
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei macrurus Günther, 1881
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei melanurus Neumann, 1900
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei nudicaudatus Lyddeker, 1906
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei reichardi Reichenow, 1886
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei shirensis Corbett & Hanks, 1968
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei stuhlmanni Matschie, 1893
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon cirnei swynnertoni Kershaw, 1923
SPECIES Rhynchocyon petersi Bocage, 1880
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon petersi adersi (Dollman, 1912)
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon petersi fisheri Neumann, 1900
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon petersi petersi Bocage, 1880
SUBSPECIES   Rhynchocyon petersi usambarae Neumann, 1900
SPECIES Rhynchocyon udzungwensis Rovero & Rathburn, 2008
GENUS : Elephantulus - Thomas and Schwann, 1906
SPECIES Elephantulus #1 2010
SPECIES Elephantulus brachyrhynchus (A, Smith, 1836)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus albiventer Osgood, 1910
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus brachyrhynchus (A, Smith, 1836)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus brachyurus Bocage, 1882
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus brevirostris Schinz, 1844
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus delamerei Thomas, 1901
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus langi Roberts, 1929
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus luluae Matschie, 1926
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus mababiensis Roberts, 1932
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus selindensis Roberts, 1937
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus shortridgei Roberts, 1929
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus brachyrhynchus tzaneenensis Roberts, 1929
SPECIES Elephantulus edwardii (A, Smith, 1839)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus edwardii capensis Roberts, 1924
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus edwardii edwardii (A, Smith, 1839)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus edwardii karoensis Roberts, 1938
SPECIES Elephantulus fuscipes (Thomas, 1894)
SPECIES Elephantulus fuscus (Peters, 1852)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus fuscus malosae Thomas, 1898
SPECIES Elephantulus intufi (A, Smith, 1836)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi alexandri Ogilby, 1838
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi campbelli Roberts, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi canescens Lundholm, 1955
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi intufi (A, Smith, 1836)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi kalaharicus Roberts, 1932
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi mchughi Roberts, 1946
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi mossamedensis Hill and Carter, 1937
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi namibensis Roberts, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi omahekensis Lehmann, 1955
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus intufi schinzi Noack, 1889
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus muyrus mapogonensis Roberts, 1917
SPECIES Elephantulus myurus Thomas and Schwann, 1906
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus myurus centralis Roberts, 1946
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus myurus fitzsimonsi Lundholm, 1955
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus myurus jamesoni Chubb, 1909
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus myurus myurus Thomas and Schwann, 1906
SPECIES Elephantulus pilicaudus Smit, 2008
SPECIES Elephantulus revoili (Huet, 1881)
SPECIES Elephantulus rozeti (Duvernoy, 1833)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rozeti atlantis Thomas, 1913
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rozeti clivorum Thomas, 1913
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rozeti deserti Thomas, 1901
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rozeti moratus Thomas, 1913
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rozeti rozeti (Duvernoy, 1833)
SPECIES Elephantulus rufescens (Peters, 1878)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens boranus Thomas, 1901
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens delicatus Dollman, 1911
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens dundasi Dollman, 1910
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens hoogstraali Setzer, 1956
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens mariakanae Heller, 1912
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens ocularis Kershaw, 1921
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens peasei Thomas, 1901
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens phaeus Heller, 1910
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens pulcher Thomas, 1894
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens renatus Kershaw, 1923
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens rendilis Lönnberg, 1912
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens rufescens (Peters, 1878)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rufescens somalicus Thomas, 1901
SPECIES Elephantulus rupestris (A, Smith, 1831)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rupestris barlowi Roberts, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rupestris gordoniensis Roberts, 1946
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rupestris kobosensis Roberts, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rupestris montanus Lundholm, 1955
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rupestris okombahensis Roberts, 1946
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rupestris rupestris (A, Smith, 1831)
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rupestris tarri Roberts, 1938
SUBSPECIES   Elephantulus rupestris vandami Roberts, 1924