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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Species Sheet

Grevy's Zebra

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Classification - Taxonomy

CLASS Mammals
 ORDER  Perissodactyla
  FAMILY   Equidae
   SUBFAMILY    Equinae
    SUBGENUS     Dolichohippus
       LATIN NAME      Equus grevyi
AUTHOR  Oustalet, 1882
SYNONYMS  Dolichohippus grevyi - 

Location- Threatened

DISTRIBUTION  Dry desert regions of N Kenya (eastern side of the Rift Valley to the Tana River) and S and E Ethiopia (Alledeghi Plains northeast of Awash N.P., Lake Ch’ew Bahir). May persist in South Sudan , extinct in Djibouti, S Somalia
STATUS  CITES - Appendix I, U.S. ESA - Threatened, IUCN 1996 : Endangered - IUCN 2009 : Endangered   A2ac,C2a(i)


 Describ subspecies = 0 ou 2 ; Valid in taxonomy = 0 à 2?
 Possible listed subspecies =
Equus grevyi #1
Equus grevyi berberensis ?
Equus grevyi faurei ?
Equus grevyi grevyi
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Female with young