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Saturday 25 November 2017

Species Sheet

Fardoulis's Blossom Bat

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Classification - Taxonomy

CLASS Mammals
 ORDER  Chiroptera
  FAMILY   Pteropodidae
   SUBFAMILY    Macroglossinae
    SUBGENUS     Nesonycteris
       LATIN NAME      Melonycteris fardoulisi
AUTHOR  (Flannery, 1993)
SYNONYMS  Nesonycteris fardoulisi - 

Location- Threatened

DISTRIBUTION  Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, Kolombangara, Malaita, New Georgia Island, the Russell Islands, San Cristobal Island, Vangunu, and Vella Lavel
STATUS  IUCN 1996 : Vulnerable - IUCN 2009 : Least Concern


 Describ subspecies = 4? ; Valid in taxonomy = 4?
 Possible listed subspecies =
Melonycteris fardoulisi fardoulisi
Melonycteris fardoulisi maccoyi
Melonycteris fardoulisi mengermani
Melonycteris fardoulisi schouteni
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