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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Species Sheet

Thomas's Leaf-Monkey, Ebony Leaf-Monkey, Sumatran Grizzled Surili, North Sumatran Leaf Monkey, Sumatran Grizzled Langur, Thomas's Langur

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Classification - Taxonomy

CLASS Mammals
 ORDER  Primates
  FAMILY   Cercopithecidae
   SUBFAMILY    Colobinae
       LATIN NAME      Presbytis thomasi
AUTHOR  (Collett, 1893)
SYNONYMS  Presbytis comata thomasi - Presbytis aygula thomasi - Semnopithecus thomasi - 

Location- Threatened

DISTRIBUTION  North Sumatra, Aceh Prov, south to about 350'N, north of Simpangkiri River and Wampu River (Indonesia)
STATUS  CITES - Appendix II. IUCN 1996 : Lower Risk - IUCN 2009 : Vulnerable   A2c


 Describ subspecies = 0 ; Valid in taxonomy = 0
 Possible listed subspecies =
Presbytis thomasi nubilus ?
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