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Sunday 18 February 2018

Species Sheet

Timorese Horseshoe Bat

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Classification - Taxonomy

CLASS Mammals
 ORDER  Chiroptera
  FAMILY   Rhinolophidae
   SUBFAMILY    Rhinolophinae
       LATIN NAME      Rhinolophus montanus
AUTHOR  Goodwin, 1979
SYNONYMS  Rhinolophus philippinensis montanus - 
NOTES  Considered valid species by Csorba 2002, Csorba et al. 2003

Location- Threatened

DISTRIBUTION  East Timor Island, in Timor-Leste, S of Ermera, near Village of Lequi Mia, Quoto Lou Caves
STATUS  IUCN 2009 : Data Deficient


 Describ subspecies = 0 ; Valid in taxonomy = 0
 Possible listed subspecies =
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