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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Mammals on Earth

The changes on the planet
Mammals on all continents of the planet. Their evolution and distribution were held in different geological bouvelersements.
The appearance and disappearance of land bridges (the Bering Strait, Panama isthmus ,...) have allowed the passage, then the isolation of certain species and even families of mammals (such as marsupials or edentates in South America). Natural floating rafts have probably played a role in the colonization of the islands.
An endemic species is known when its presence in nature is limited to a given region. For example, all lemurs are endemic to Madagascar.
The adaptation of species
The habitat has contributed to the evolution of the mammalian :
- by adapting to various climates (polar, equatorial, desert ,...).
- by specialization of food depending on the environment (plain, steppe, forest, sea ,...).

Mammals'Planet proposes a distribution of mammals divided into 20 geographical areas. Select your region on the world map and click to access the mammals of the geographical area
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To identify the specific or endemic mammals (species and / or sub-species) to a geographical area, Mammals'Planet offers a selection of the world.