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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Threatened Mammals

In the great chain of evolution, species are known to adapt or disappear.
But this is changed to because of the massive influence of humans on the environment, and today a quarter of mammals are threatened and subject protection.
The action of each of us can save them.
Official sources :
IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
TESS Threatened and Endangered Species System
US ESA Endangered Species Act Status Codes
WWF World Wide Fund For Nature
The categories of threats :
EX => Extinct
CR => Critically Endangered
EN => Endangered
VU => Vulnérable
LR => Lower Risk
DD => Data Deficient
LC => Least Concern
Appendix I et II =>Endangered
Appendix III => Threatened
Endangered => Endangered
Threatened => Species under control
Threatened reason :
- Pollution
- Modification of habitat (deforestation, urbanization, fire ,...)
- Hunting, poaching
- Introduction of competing species, predators or harmful
- Global Warming

Some families of mammals are severely threatened and experts predict the complete disappearance of many species or subspecies in the decades to come.
Access to the Table of threatened mammals, classified by order
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Deforestation and Introduction of species MONOTREME   Hunting, poaching CARNIVORS
Deforestation and hunting XENARTHRA   Development of agriculture, pollution INSECTIVORS
Restriction of the habitat, intensive agriculture LAGOMORPHS SCANDENTIENS
Hunting, fishing, pollution CETACEANS   Hunting, poaching PROBOSCIDS
Hunting, pollution, deforestation CHIROPTERA TUBULIDENTE
Deforestation, captures PRIMATES ARTIODACTYLS

Over 550 species of mammals have disappeared from the planet in a few centuries. Human intervention are the main reason
To see the list of extinct species since 1900 =>
Official Institut of wildlife and flora (IUCN, CITES, ESA ,...) are responsible for identifying species in danger and take protective measures to prevent them from disappearing forever. The action of all is essential to ensure compliance.
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